Chesterfield VCE Aerial Photography 2001

The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) captured these photographs through the National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP). Dates differ by county, but may be as recent as 2005. All the photographs are tiled together by county to produce this seamless 2-meter resolution product. The imagery was captured during the late spring/early summer (during the leaf-on seasons). The purpose of the NAIP is to provide imagery during the agricultural growing season so that the Farm Service Agency (FSA) can provide estimates of crops and acres under cultivation. Certainly, this product can be used for other applications as well. This product is available in a universal transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system. The NAIP imagery provided by the Geospatial Extension Program is either a near infrared (NIR) false-color composite or true color product. NIR imagery depicts healthy vegetation (high amounts of chlorophyll activity) in bright shades of red (note the fertilized lawns in the image below). This image is available as a Mr. Sid (proprietary format that is "readable" by ArcGIS or web browser plug-in). While a majority of Virginia localities have data, the imagery may not cover all portions of every county. Data Type: Raster Pixel size: 1-2 Meters (contingent on year) Data Format: Mr. Sid Projection Information: -Universal Trans Mercator -Zone: 17 or 18 (Contingent on locality, refer to UTM map in the Appendix) -Units: Meters -Spheroid: NAD 83 Source: NRCS Geospatial data Gateway This data has been curated by the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech University Libraries. This data is meant for general use only. Virginia Tech's University Library is acting as a steward for this data and any questions about its use should refer to our Terms of Use Page.
Chesterfield County, Virginia
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