Bland VCE TIN 2002

The digital terrain model was initially generated by Center for Geospatial Technology (CGIT) for the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) using the mass points and break lines from the 2002 VBMP aerial photography. This effort represents the most accurate digital terrain model (DTM) ever generated statewide for Virginia. The Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) provides seamless coverage for each county in Virginia. TINs are used to ascertain landscape characteristics and to serve as a topographic model to support surface drapes (for imagery, etc.). Ancillary data sets are often generated from TINs. These data sets may include: slope, aspect, contours, digital elevation models, etc. Note that the DTM is appropriate for general planning purposes only. Data Type: Tesseral Format: TIN Projection Information: -NAD 1983 -State Plane Virginia North or South (Contingent on locality, refer to index map in the Appendix) -Linear Unit: US Foot -Source: The Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) This data has been curated by the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech University Libraries. This data is meant for general use only. Virginia Tech's University Library is acting as a steward for this data and any questions about its use should refer to our Terms of Use Page.
Bland County, Virginia
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