Augusta VCE Aspect 2002

Aspect is the compass direction in which a topographic slope faces. The aspect layer contained in this dataset is a polygon Shapefile. This layer was generated from the TIN. The illustration below shows categorized color-coded aspect data, coded aspect, and categorized (color coded) aspect data made transparent and draped over aerial photography (right side). The Virginia Geospatial Extension Program developed the aspect layer using the TIN. It is suitable for general (regional) planning purposes. Aspect is often used for suitability analysis purposes in agriculture, economic development, and other site location applications. These data are suitable for general planning purposes only, and should be verified. Data Type: Polygon Format: Shapefile Attribution: In this layer, all surfaces were categorized as being either: (refer to figure in the Aspect section of the supplemental METADATA file) Projection Information: -NAD 1983 -State Plane Virginia North or South (Contingent on locality, refer to index map in the Appendix) -Linear Unit: US Foot Source: Virginia Geospatial Extension Program This data has been curated by the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech University Libraries. This data is meant for general use only. Virginia Tech's University Library is acting as a steward for this data and any questions about its use should refer to our Terms of Use Page.
Augusta County, Virginia
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