Virginia Tech DEM 2017

The purpose of this dataset is to create a representation of the topology of the study area with all vegetation and man-made structures removed. In addition, this dataset was used for creation and QC of contours and hydro-breaklines, in tandem with the raw LiDAR data. The lidar dataset was collected to be utilized for the creation of a digital elevation model, contours, hydrographic breaklines, slope rasters, digital surface model, and intensity images. Other uses expected. Lidar Data Products for the Blacksburg, VA and Virginia Polytechnic Institute collection area includes a 3ft DEM, 1ft Contour tiles , Voids in the Ground Surface >= 8 meters squared (86.11 ft squared), Voids in the 1st Return Surface >=4meters squared (21.703 ft squared), Hydrographic Breaklines, Bridge and General Breaklines, Percent Slope, Degree Slope, and a 3ft Digital Surface Model (DSM) of the 1st return lidar surface along with a normalized DSM (Height Above Ground, and Intensity Rasters with 2ft cell resolution)). Access to this data is constrained by the license agreements between Pictometry International and Blacksburg, VA and Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
Blacksburg, Virginia
Held by:
Virginia Tech University Library